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Whats it pay? You could probably get a warehouse job and make more? I miss working at HP in their shipping department! Was awesome, and no one EFFed with me as long as my trucks were going out on time! :thumbsup:


Your Italics confuse me.....was that an "out of body" post? :crazy:

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Hey...now you've got the right idea. Posting on Hondaforum during work is one of my best stress relievers. Actually 90% of the time I'm on HF I'm at work....shh...don't tell.

Just added DSL to our computers we use for our credit card systems! :thumbsup:


You could make more delivering pizzas, and have the right car for it! :D

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I don't know how it is where you are, but here (and many other places across the country) it's impossible to find any kind of job. If you need it, take it.

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i have a job that im keeping i just want another so i can give full checks to my mom to pay her back and keep the higher paying one for me and my car, i think im down to a grand left to pay back starting from 1600

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