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Well yeah I am getting back in to linux, How many people use it on this forum?


Here is my situation as well.

I used to run linux (Red hat 9) and windows xp a couple years back. but something happened to the boot loader for linux and I decided to give up linux. But now I am thinking about trying it again with linux and windows xp. I am just having trouble picking a distro. I been leaning towards the Ubuntu linux. Another thing I am having trouble with is my partition set up. All three of my Hdd's are on NTFS setup and I know linux won't run on that and I can't partion some space off unless somebody knows how too. I had this problem with my first linux setup and I just reformated and installed everything on a FAT32 setup. Any light any body wannts to shed on my situation?


I hope things have changed cause I would love to dual boot and start using linux once again.

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Linux should have no problem reading an NTFS file system. I recommend Kubuntu which is the same as Ubuntu, but with KDE instead of GNOME. I didn't like the GNOME interface, and couldn't get the wireless internet working in Ubuntu. KDE looks more like Windows. I say download and burn a distro, then insert the CD within Windows. Everything else should be gravy then. It will only support a partition of up to 30 Gigs this way.

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