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Post your boring homework


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here the homework i can stay focus to do. so i keeping looking on here. the class is called criminology.


Chapter 4 & 5 homework


Think of a TV character or ,if you don't watch TV, an historical character. Based on what you have read about early, classical and positivist theories, which theory best explains the individual's behavior?

Your response should include the following information:

1. Brief discription of the TV or historical character.

2. Brief discription of the theory you believe best explains the person.

3. Explanation as to WHY you picked that theory. Give examples. What is it about that person that makes him/her fit the theory you selected?



so what homework you should be doing but dont feel like doing? haa

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i have a project thats a 10 page essay, on exposure factors in regards to contrast and density on radiographs that i have taken and explain what it is exactly i would need to do in order to make the image perfect by use of 15% rule, 30% rule, reciprocity law, H&D curve etc....its due like nov. first.

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i should be doing physics



and trying to figure what accleration is needed for a monkey to lift a package off the ground


i havent had thermo yet.. i think thats next semester.. im in vector calculus right now.. i miss the good ole days of precal

vector blows the big one. it starts off alright, then you get to gradient and flux and a whole bunch of nonsense, have fun!

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I'm in the library right now doing some pre-calc. Let me share with you some desk grafitti.


"Zain Din sucks guys off" :arrow pointing to stick figure of zain din getting intimate with another stick figure:


"G-Rizza" :arrow points to and says: "sucks weiner"


"Rachel Burke has a penis, I know I saw it"


"Guitar Hero rocks!"


"I'm horny!"


"You guys should be ashamed for writing on this desk"

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first part of numerical methods is solving linear equations with matrices


which i just got my first test back for that class... got a 100%!!!!! but i kinda got a 60 on calculus haha

:thumbsup: for numerical methods

>_< for calc


There's much much more to matrices than just solving linear equations though.

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Bump for Computer Architecture


control logic for Data Register (DR): input that affects the contents of DR


AND (and to AC)

D0T4: DR <- M[AR]


ADD (add to AC)

D1T4: DR <- M[AR]


LDA (load to AC)

D2T4: DR <- M[AR]


ISZ (increment and skip if zero)

D6T4: DR <- M[AR]


ISZ (increment and skip if zero)

D6T5: DR <- DR+1



Load input

LD(DR) = D0T4 + D1T4 + D2T4 + D6T4 = (D0 + D1 + D2 + D6)T4


Increment input

INR(DR) = D6T5




sorry, I just took some ritalin like half an hour ago and am now done with my hw, lolololololol

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Here's an array: [5 4 2 7 1 3 6]


Trace the simple selection sort, linear insertion sort, bubble sort w/ flag, and shaker sort.


In other words: put those numbers in order from smallest to largest, using 4 different methods.

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