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Car sputters and bucks when accelerating


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I have a 1998 Honda Civic DX Coupe, no mods, but one annoying problem. During normal acceleration the car starts sputtering and bucking so I have to gradually apply gas very slowly. I've also noticed that it doesn't do this or doesn't do it as bad, as when I first run the car when it is cold, perhaps the first 5 mins. I had a habit in the past of running the car when the gas light was on, which is virtually at empty, so maybe it is my fuel pump going bad. However, I still hear it pressurizing the fuel system when I turn the key to the On position. I need someone to confirm and have a diagnosis to the problem so I could replace parts myself and save me some money of going to a shop. Thanks!

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Well that sounds similar to a recent problem of mine. Pull each plug wire off the plugs and check to make sure it's dry in each cylinder. Also check your timing and make sure it's not off. I used to have a corolla that would idle and run kind of rough for the first 5 minutes before it was warmed up. Turned out to be nothing more than the timing being off.

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