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I need help on these PCV hoses


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Okay...97 GSR swap into 94 civic:


This is the PCV can on my civic. Notice the small upper inlet with no hose on it. There is no hose for me to connect to it.





On the civic, there was a thin hose going from that small inlet to this thing on the back of the intake manifold.





Now this is the PCV can on the teg. Notice another small inlet, only this one is under the larger one and has a cap on it.




Here is where the hose from the pcv can goes on the teg.





Now am I supposed to just cap off the smaller inlet on the Civic's PCV can? The reason it is confusing me is that the teg was using the upper (tank turret) inlet and not the bottom one. But on the civic, they were both used but the bottom one is the larger of the 2!


Please help. Much appreciation.

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