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engine build idea


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hey guy, im new to the site and from all the threads i have read everyone seems very helpful =D. Heres what i am thinking of doing for my new build, any ideas or opinions are welcome.


My buddy is going to sell me his gsr shell, and im thinking of getting a gsr engine, and putting jdm itr cams, b16 pistons(forged), ls crankshaft and connecting rods(forged) into the engine with all my bolt ons, honda s200(maybe s300) and to get it tuned. Also i will have a upgraded pulley and no ps or ac in the car w/ all my weight mods done to it and eventually put a mild turbo onto the build.


but i am not sure how well the ls bottom end parts will work, my buddy was telling me it will help make the engine a lil more torque but im not sure. also i know the b16 pistons and itr cams are good parts for a turbo setup. but if anyone can give other suggestions or ideas that would be great thanks. :D

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I'm not totaly sure how the whole set up is going to work but I seen a thread on here about a rough idle problem with itr cams just something to be aware of if i can find the thread ill link it, not saying youll have that problem

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why do you want to get rid of the gsr pistons?

they are good to begin with! same thing with the gsr crank. no need to waste money on replacing those when they are good to begin with. they will be able to handle up to 10lbs of boost with a good tune no problem.


if it were my build, id do it the same way i did with my gsr setup in my civic.


mugen chipped p28 ecu

skunk 2 intake manifold

skunk 2 66mm throttle body

skunk 2 stage 1 cams

dc header 4-2-1

aem cold air intake

custom 2.5" aeroturbine exhaust


that would put you just over 200whp


with a turbo, of course you wouldnt have the cold air intake or the header. Id go with a greddy t3/t4 turbo kit and get a good tune to about 8 psi.

that would put you in the mid 200s in hp to the wheels. it would be plenty fast enough, but if you want more.


low compression golden eagle (or crower) rods and pistons, port and polish head upgraded valves and retainers, and another good tune for around 12-15psi.


dont forget a fuel pump and bigger injectors as well.

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