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chipped p28 in 97gsr with stock manifold?


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yes i know i didnt search the site before asking, but ive been researching for days on every website i can find and no one else seems to have asked this question before so i figured id just ask it so i can get an answer to my question not combiming multiple questions and answers to get a posible answer. i have a 97 gsr. i bought a p28 ecu obd1. its got a skunk2 chip and program. i bought it from speedinnovations.com. costed me 206$. when i bought it i had a blox intake manifold lined up, but that fell through. im not worried about that i can get another one. im just wondering if i can use this chipped ecu for now until i buy a aftermarket manifold. i have heard that you cannot use a p28 with stock mani. somthing about the runners and butterflys and iabs and all this stuff. i just want to know if i can throw this bad boy in as is without buying a new mani right away. will i gain power due to ecu or lose power due to wrong engine ecu configuration?? is it a must to get a new mani to get full potential out of this chipped ecu? or will i be better off running my obd2 p72 until i pick one up, since i also had them tune the ecu to the blox intake. would it matter if i dont get a blox, but keep the tune the same? im a first year automotive student but dont get to performance engines next year. so i want someone that knows this stuff just to tell me so i didnt spend money on parts i cant use till i buy more parts or learn how to even configure/install them.

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