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my cars battery keeps dying


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okay i had the battery checked out yesterday and autozone said it was good and i replaced the starter a few months ago and it just started doing this 2 days ago and as for the deck killing the battery i havnt touched the decks wiring for months so i dont think thats doing it but i unhooked it anyway and unhooked my amp but i unhooked my amp yesterday and the battery still died this morning before i went to school so when i get out of school today im gonna see if the battery is dead again and if it is then i have no idea what the problem is

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YAY i was right!!!! :p


make sure it gets wired up the right time so you dont have the same problem next time man :thumbsup:



well what happened was i was testing an amp fro my friend and after i hooked the power, remote, and the ground up i hooked the rca's up and they sent a charge back through to the radio and ever since that the radio has killed my battery and the rca subwoofer out is shot but i already got a nice panasonic deck and i sold that pos jensen for like 50 bucks :)


but anyway it wasnt my wiring i do professional car audio for a living

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