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hey im looking to imrpove my suspension while im waiting to get my engine. I was thinking on getting some strut tower bars and some lower arm bars. but the problem is what brand to get.

i was thinking about skunk2 but im not sure if they are that good of brand.

any sugestions?

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Strut bars are probably the last suspension mod to get better handling. THe best would be (in this order)



Springs w/ custom rates

Sway Bars

Corner Weighting

Adjustable lower Control Arms

Strut Bars



That's my opinion and I have a little bit of experience with suspension setups.

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what exactly is corner weighting


Corner weighting (aka Corner balancing) is where they set your car on 4 scales (one under each wheel/tire) and adjust your coilovers height to give the best possible balance to the car. They balance it diagonally which will really improve the handling.


Ideally the car should have 50% of its weight on the Left Front and Right Rear tires, and 50% on the Right Front and Left Rear.



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for the price you CANNOT go wrong with PIC's they're considered better than the yellow/GC combo, which that combo has nothing to do with GC just eibach and koni...its not hard for a co. to make spring perches and sleeves...


also to add to the corner weighting bit. you want the vehicle to be corner weighted with you in the drivers seat, and set up for you will be using it mostly for...EG: if you auto-x have it track ready with it empty of everything including the spare tire which would be the ideal/correct way to corner weight a vehicle.

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