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catholic church and darwin

Rick B.

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this is not a religious bashing thread. in fact, i found an interesting article.


here are a couple quotes, and the link to the article is below


"The Catholic Church teaches "theistic evolution," a stand that accepts evolution as a scientific theory and sees no reason why God could not have used a natural evolutionary process in the forming of the human species."


"The Vatican said on Tuesday the theory of evolution was compatible with the Bible"






now cant we all just get along

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I can't say I disagree really. It is possible that the big bang is what god used to create the heaven's and the earth. In regards to the time scales being different. The bible says "....with God, a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years is like a day", meaning that to God there really is no concept of time.


I believe it's farfetched to think that what God called one day (of the seven days of creation) to be one day as we currently know it. His one day could have been closer to thousands of years to us. I believe the 7 days are used to give a time table as to what events happened together during creation.


I'll even take it one step further and talk about aliens or life on other planets. The bible mentions nothing of it, but it also doesn't mention against the possiblity. If Rick gets a fish aquarium with a bunch of fish, then decides to get a second aquarium for another room, would each set of fish know about the others? No... Even if Rick tried to tell the fish for some reason, it would be too much for them to grasp as so much less intelligent as Rick. I don't think it's any different with God. He could have created the heavens and the earth and many other places as well, but none of the others have to do with us so we weren't informed. That's my theory.

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hmmm....shall i get in to this debate lol.



I think its actually rather hilarious that the church has now said that they believe/support the idea of evolution. The only single reason they have done that is that they have realised that their beliefs are far dated, and if they don't accept evolution, then the people who are involved in their religion, over a long time (like hundreds of years) will start to realise that the church's beliefs are not right. So they have jumped the gun, and said that they do believe in it now. This sound about right people?


I was thinking about something the other day...

To quote an old thread

And I can't believe that people can believe that all of this in our world happened by chance.

So whats the chances of all life on earth happening by a series of random events. 1 in a trillion, 1 in a million trillion squillion?

look up in to the sky, and you'll see in between 1500-3000 stars. Then there is about 200+ Billion stars in the Milky Way, then there are countless millions of galaxies...add all these up, then we, our planet is one in a trillion+. So yeah, thats the chances of us being a series of random events/happening by chance. They might be incredibly small chances, more than we can ever compute, but it happened. And I can guarentee you it's happening somewhere else in the universe.

It's just a shame that our lifes are just a miniscule blip in the whole time of everything. Like it could be another 3 million years before some little green men come down and see what we did to the place, in which case we're either all dead, or have moved on to other planets.

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