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Rick B.

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i want a monkey.


a squirrel monkey to be exact, or capuchin.

only problem is, i cant have one in new york.

they are legal in PA, CT, and Delaware if i wanna stay somewhat close in the area. Without being crippled of course. cuz cripples get all kinds of exceptions like the best parking, monkeys, ect.


ive been doing some research on them. and its alot of work, but ive wanted one for many years now.


more info


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But its just a little nibble! *finger falls off*


Theres thist 2grand parrot at this pet store by my apartment that loves me and bites all these other people when they come in. I go and see it like every week so its used to me. But funny still.

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Monkeys fling their poo everywhere, I don't want that. Get something original like a penguin.


chimps do that.

squirrel monkeys and capuchins do not.

the worst they do that has anything to do with fecal matter is rubbing their butts on stuff just like a dog does on the carpet and there is the chance of an accident but thats why you either diaper them, or potty train them with a litter box.


Get a pet slug....you'd probably be the first and it would be easy to take care of. Just keep the salt away.


again, booooooooring. and those would be some really really long walks.

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get a sugar glider. there expensive but if you get two (male and female) and mate them you can sell the babies for like 400 bucks. you can feed them for like $50 a year, they sleep for like 21 hours i think but there cool as hell.

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if i get a male and female monkey, i can breed them once every two years during their 20-40 year lifespan and sell the babies upwards of $5000


im not looking to make money on a pet.

a monkey would be an awesome companion and not to mention smarter than any other pet you can own besides another human being.

with intelligence comes mischief though, and i understand that. which is why i would have "monkey safe" rooms. which is pretty much the same as child proofing a room.

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im looking for breeders in the PA, CT, and delaware area.

then ill smuggle it to NY.

and when i take it to the vet, ill say its a trained helper for a disabled person


Careful, you'll probably be required to have papers showing you are allowed to have it when you go to the Vet. You might be ahead to just take it back to a Vet in PA when you need shots or something. I'd only take it to a NY Vet with that excuse for an emergency.

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