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Wass gud ppl im a newbie i wanna kno wass gud in hea

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thank god for my 'hood to english' dictionary.


create an account on photobucket. its free.

upload your pics there, then post the pictures here with the IMG code

hahhahhaha.. think you can upload that for the rest of us.. or at least translate?


i'm playin, but english is a good thing, really. i promise.

welcome to HF


i'd ask for noodz, but judging by your language skills, you're not old enough to play :wink:

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watz good watz good watz really hood cuhz?!? i bet you whip it real hard lyke rick ross rite homie G skillet dawg, lol



welcome to the forums, we dont want to playa hatin, fo sizzle

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omg. Please tell me that post was a button mash that happened to come out somewhat close to something we call the English Language. GD, Honestly bud, Try using the spell check button. Its free, but in your case your going to have to pay for something that will be able to correct that atrocious thing you call grammar.




Anyways welcome to HF, Please hit 2ND grade up again and attempt to come back with grammar people can understand easily.



Thank you...

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wait hold on, i dont think he can understand us, so let me try


yo sht mang, whre them snaps of da whip son? cuz i be stuntin an sht if i aint got them up here ya kno? alldees uder mo fukas wanna see dem shts too yo. ne ways pce out man, i got some hoes to pizimp.


ouch, that hurt writing that.


but yeah man, wheres the damn pics!?!?!?

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