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Hello everybody!


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One more member from England.




I am polish, since 2004 working as mobility engineer in Bristol, England. I am... to old to be honest.

Mostly spending time improving and upgradeing my 5th gen 96 Accord Wagon (Aerodeck in UK) 2.2i non-vitec.

Recently converted to LPG.


Some of my modifications are:


EUDM CRV 2005 double din CD player/radio/navigation unit to OEM standard

Genuine kit of cornering lights

Stanley clear fog lamps

Power folded mirrors (mirror switch button and p. door lock fob operated)

Drivers door p. window auto mode up and down (originaly down)

Clear side indicators

and more


Ready to fit:


Set of four JDM side wind deflectors

Full conversion kit to RHD JDM Digital Climat Control (can't find wiring diagram and auto diagnosis enywhere)


Best regards to all of you!



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Welcome! :thumbsup:


There are several members from across the pond here!


We also demand pics of your car!(Bell will demand noodz) BTW if you do please PM them direct to her! >_<


Also no fair on the too old thing, if you dont post birth date! They can make fun of you too! :laugh:

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I will!

I have had no chance to take a nice picture. Its raining cats and bogs since begining of august!

Can you recomend me any good image hosting website? I did not upload files before and not sure what to choose.

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