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1992 Hond Accord Window Problem


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Hey All,


Just a heads up I'm completally new to working on cars in any way shape or form but I am comfortable working with tools as I've had jobs that required a fair ammount of mechanical engineering.


I have a 92 Honda Accord and the Window is stuck in the full down position. No idea why it is, but it is. For now I just want to get the window into the full up position but I have no idea how to do that. I took the door panel off to see if there was an obvious way to get it up but then realized I didn't know what I was doing and so I stopped before I ended up with more pieces then I knew what to do with. Anyways, if anyone could give me a tutorial or point me in the direction of a manual / tutorial I would much appricate it.



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Which window? I assume the front left... Power window or manual????


If you remove the speaker and peek through the hole you should notice that the lower/bottom edge of the window is held in a metal bracket that runs the lenght of the window. There should be 2 10mm head bolts that clamp the bottom edge of the window into the bracket. Loosen those 2 bolts and the window can slide up. Do not drop it while sliding it up. You will have to tape the widow up well to hold it until repair. You can also wedge a board inside the door to brace the window from below (this is preferred), but you will still have to run tape from the window up and over the door to ensure it does not fall and break.


If you have power windows the two most common problems are either the switch panel located on the drivers side door armrest is bad, either from use or water damage OR the window motor has failed. I would recommend finding a salvage yard for these items as they are very exspensive. I would certainly check all your fuses as well, but they are probably OK if your other windows are functioning.

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