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I did not honestly realize I was doing anything wrong i apoliqize


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i apoligize to my 50 POST. i will stick around and i think this is a really great honda community im honda acura guy for life . . . :ninja:


Glad to hear it! :thumbsup:


Always better to take the high road! Although its a lot more fun for me if you dont! :devil:



Now post some damn pics of your Acura!!!! :D

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good call dude, your prob still going to take some flak from other members, but this is the 1st step. Hope you stick around and learn/teach here, thats what were all about.

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BULLcrap! You were PM'd by more than one of us, yet continued to spam. Get the f*ck out, and don't let the door hit you.


He did not know how to respond to pms at the time!(forum noob)


I got him to Aim me, and told him he needed to post this up! :thumbsup:


He also was trying to delete all the posts he made! I think after aiming with him for about 2 hours, he has learned a hard lesson, and is a genuinely good guy, therefore I will give him the benefit of the doubt! I was ready to pounce on his ass too! :devil:

Then he PM'ed me and politely asked what the problem was, then I PM'ed him telling him what the deal was, and gave him my Aim, to more easily discuss the issue! Came to good terms, and actually made a friend, instead of another SeanyC, or a Philly23! I have learned my lesson, and will try the same approach in the future! :)

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i love EVOS!!

Thanks :)


brian i just noticed your from mufreesboro im from clarksville but live in brentwood about 7 months ago what up dude are u in iraq? or here


Yeah i used to go to clarksville alot, but yeah im in iraq... i wish i was home so i could drive my car and see my woman :blush:



Nice TL :thumbsup:

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