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Aggravated over a Quaife build


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So I closed a deal on Saturday for a Y8 trans build using a Quaife and MFactory 4.733 FD. Great. Went to order the Quaife today and the only D series Quaife left in the US is a 35mm (small bearing CX/DX/LX/VX case). 40mm Quaifes are backordered with no ETA (last time Quaife did that it took over 6 months to get new stock). So I ordered the 35mm and now have to find a D16Y7 case as the customer wants steel shiftforks. The kicker, I scrapped a good Y7 case last week as the the internals were shot and it wouldn't have been worth my time to fix. Grrr.

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Very aggravated now.


Flange measurements...


Top bearing: 34.99mm, check.


Bottom bearing: 34.88mm, crap. 47 ten thousandths too small. Bearing slips right on and off with no force needed. Autotech is supposed to call me back tomorrow. Apparently they need another 35mm diff to measure (which is going to be impossible as this was the last one in the US). I guess they can't look at the technical drawing of the diff and note the tolerances for the flanges.

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