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Noob w/ questions....


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First off let me introduce myself. Names Peter and I'm new to hondas. However I know a little about cars. It was nice but I realized I needed a warranty were if something happened I didn't have to worry about taking time from school in order to fix it. So here I am. I've been doing research on the Si and GTi, and have basically come to the conclusion that the Si will be the best bet.




I was looking at possible tuning options and was wondering, what ecu upgrades are available for the Si? I've seen the AEM, Greddy, and Hondata piggyback, but what I've learned about them still seems a bit vauge. Could someone shed some light or links and were I coould get more info on this. TIA

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I thought the AEM EMS was a full replacement?



Oh... I guess I must of read it wrong. Thanx. Honestly what I've been looking for is something that I can switch between, cause I did some research when I was looking at the GTi and found that a couple of comanies do multiple program flashes were you can change between them as needed, like 91 oct or 93 oct or race mode or stock. Is there anything like that for the civic?

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