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Motor Mount Replacement Parts?


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I took my civic through the tonto national forest ( dumb idea ) and cracked the front left motor mount. I hate taking my car to the dealership because I always feel like i'm getting riped off (and propable am ). I have a friend who is a mechanic for ford and he said he can get a front motor mount at his work for cost but I was wondering if it is damaging to my car to use a non-honda part??


Thanks for any input.


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Is he talking about using a ford mount on your honda? You can't do that. You can use aftermarket mounts all you want. It is not "damaging to your car", but if you buy the super cheap ebay ones, they may not last long, or they may have fitment issues. Also, you could have extra unwanted vibration. A new mount from honda shouldn't run more than around $50-$70.

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