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What kind of db can i hit with this setup?

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What decibels can i hit with...

2 MTX 8000 12 subs in a ported box made to fit in my CRX, with a JBL 1200.1 amp driving them both. Can i do that and what kind of numbers do you think i would be able to put up. Also, what kind of numbers do you think i would be able to put up if i used one or two Audiobahn AWT12X subs...in a custom box and had an amp which could drive at least one...Here's the specs for the audiobahn...


"250oz Double Stacked Strontium Magnets | Power Handling: 2000 watts R.M.S. | Frequency Response: 20Hz - 500Hz | Efficiency: 87.3dB | Bolt Tight Motor Structure | PHAT 2 Inch Foam Surround | Titanium/Aluminum Cone | 4 Inch 4-Layer AVS Voice Coil | Dual 1 Ohm Voice Coils | 1/2 Ohm or 2 Ohm Operation | Mounting Dimensions: Depth; 6 3/4 Inch Diameter; 12 3/4 Inch "


Thanks, or what would you guys suggest, or what kind of amp, any suggestions at all will be helpful. Like are the audiobahn subs good for hitting high db's or what. THanks


Oh yeah, this is all going into a CRX too.


Just looking for an estimation with either setup. thanks

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well nobody can tell you what numbers you'll hit. if it was an exact science, everyone would have the same setup and be hitting the same numbers.


the enclosure size plays a big part. and so does the direction that the subs are facing.


the AWT's will definately blow away the 8000's (not saying the 8000s are bad, they are just a different class of subwoofer).

but the AWT's enclosure should be huge. you wont have any room in the back of your crx. and you will have to upgrade your alternator to handle those amps needed to push those subs.


if you want to save a little $$$ and still hit high nimbers (enough to split your windshield), go with the AW1208Qs or the AW1205Qs in a large ported enclosure (2.5 to 2.8 cuft per subwoofer).

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Okay, maybe i should have phrased my question differently then, what kind of numbers have people hit with 8000s or the Audiobahn's? Also, what if i only go with one AWT12X, since i am getting them for a good deal, then i could maybe fit one back there...right and then what kind of db's have people hit with just one? Plus if i dont have enough room for the one sub how come this guy did...and its 34". fdc6a9a9.jpg

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like i said, you ca fit them, but you wont have any more room back there.

i've seen someone with a pair of 15" MTX 8000s hit in the mid 140s. i cant remember the exact number.

and i installed a pair of AWT12s in a blazer and the guy said he hit 153 with them. i wasnt there, that's just what he told me.  it's possible that you can hit higher or lower numbers depending on vehicle type, enclosure type, installation, vehicle's electrical system, etc...

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