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Civic lx


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my friends selling me a 1.8L B18B1 engine and i have a 93 honda civic lx sadan what would i need to make the swap for example part and stuff like that. ohh his selling it to me for 500 doller is it a good deal or not ? and well it be easy to install in the car thanks guys


PS my cars a 93 civic lx sadan with a 1.5 B15 non vtec

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your gonna need a tranny as well , any 94-01 B series tranny. your gonna need any 94-01 shift linkage. your gonna need any 94-01 integra axles. your gonna need any 92-95 integra LS ecu. preferably 94-95. your gonna need all the engine mounts out of any 94-01 integra , except the A/C bracket that doubles as drivers side torque mount. your gonna need an integra throttle cable. if the engine is OBD1 , thats all you need. if its not OBD1 , youl also need OBD1 B18B/A injectors to put in your non OBD1 engines fuel rail. youl use the engine wiring harness thats in the car.


youl have your b18 engine and tranny bolted together ready to go with integra mounts on it.

pull your civics engine and tranny

remove engine harness from D series.

youl need to free up the IAT sensor part of the harness and lenghten it to reach the b18 IAT. on front of intake manny , where D series is on the back.

make sure the alternator plug will fit the B18 alt. if not , change alternator or plug.

run the wiring harnesson the B18.

put the b18 in the car.

change shift linkage , bolts onto car in same place , same way. bolt it to tranny.

put axles in and suspension back together.

make sure rear mount is tight

put car on ground

plug harness back into towers.

install passenger torque mount

install drivers torque mount , if you wanna run this mount , youl need one out of a del sol VTEC.

remove civic throttle cable

install integra TC and hook up.


as for power steering , 94-95 integra pump. i sure exactly off the top of my head exactly every year pump that is compatible with your line so , check on it.

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