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prob. with honda accord '96


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have an accord96 and few months ago the car to start it's just a problem have to start the car twice and the same time hit the gas pedal to make it start.....but sometimes it starts normal....well i really don know what is it.... it have the check engine light on...and when i put in ''on'' the switch to start the car i hear a click down the dash, when it click the light of check engine flash off and then again on.....really dont'know whats the problem...i'm new in hondas i will apreciate your help...


i had checked the igniton, change sparks, the fuel filter..........



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The click is a relay closing as something goes wrong.


The Check Engine Light (CEL) flashes is your ECU trying to tell you something is wrong. You need to pull the specific codes for this issue from your ECU. Search the forums for a plethora of methods in accomplishing this code pull, then come back with some more information so we can assist you further.

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