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Hello from Houston!

Lan Evo VIII

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Hey Guys just wanted to say hey! I Drive an 03 Evo 8 and just recently picked up an 08 Civic Si for a daily driver. I dont really have pics of the honda just yet but here are a few of my evo! I'll Try to have pics of the Si tonight when i get home from work!





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I don't know you and I already don't like you due to your owning and Evo, you lucky f*cker.

times infinity. plus an 08 si isnt bad to have either


welcome to HF and if you want me to drive your evo so its not YOUR daily driver id be glad to do so

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I know 2 guys that own evos and I drove a evo 9 around town for a hour or two and omg I was sold! That thing was so fu^&ing awesome and racing from a dead stop. It owned! :D But I can't afford one let alone a 2008 si but I could afford a $20,000 2006 civic si.


Welcome to the HF, I envy you. You must be rich.

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i bet it can be, just stick some fo-tegis (fake motegis) on it and a random cb antenna in the middle of the trunk with a new black paint job.


Bam you have my car. oh wait with a 1200 watt sony amp hooked up but powering no speakers,


But that evo is tits.

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