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Hey everyone, been a long while since i posted....


I have 93 si hatch, b16a SIR II motor, really considering going LSVTEC...


Was thinking b18b block, sell my b16 block, and invest in LSD (yes, im stupid, didnt get it when i ordered from hmotors, wish i did every day)


I plan to eventually go boost, but after i were to go LSVTEC, itd most likely be a good 9-14 months before i did boost it, meaning, id like to keep a decent CR ratio, a mild build, but something that can eventually handle boost...


Was thinking something like ITR cams, ITR pistons, stock rods, GSR crank, itr oil pump/water pump


Im very open to suggestions, it will be DD but i dont plan to ever run more than 13 lbs boost, or go much over 300 whp..


looking at the gt28rs turbo...


Suggestions? comments?


Also, any idea on how much itd run me to go LSVTEC.

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Though, if I was building something that you'd inevitably boost it wouldn't be with ITR internals piston wise.

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and the whole point of ls vtec is to keep the ls crank(longer stroke)also it wont be cheap to buil even with oem parts.it if ur gonna boost u might as well keep the b16 cause its gona cost atleast 2500 to build the lsvtec.probly more.u could boost ur b16 way cheaper and get just as much power eventually.and ssr is right u cant buil for both boost and n/a.its one or the other.and an ls vtec will be garbage n/a unless u really boost the comp ratio.im building an ls vtec right now and have easily spent 3gs and probably got another g to finish.machine shops and little stuff adds up.


o yeah and i dont even have an lsd.thats even more expensive


also ls rods wont bolt to a gsr crank neway

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u cant put a vtak head on a non-vtak block cuz da electrical crap isnt wired right and stuff


Yea, you can.


And all you have to do is run an additional two wires for the VTEC solenoid.


It's not hard, and the kit to do so only costs about 300 bucks. Not including the head, and whatnot.

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