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wiring vtec on non vtec harness


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ok what i have is when the person before me had the car he did a mini me swap and he ran some wires but didnt have the right ecu and im wanting to double check the wiring to make sure its all right since i put the new ecu in he has a brown wire for a ground and i think the green runs to the ecu and theres another wire dont remember the color off hand running to the ecu too does any1 have a diagram or mayb take a pic its a d16a vtec and p28 ecu i think

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A4=vtec solenoid(one wire)located on back of head right beside distributor. one wire comming out of it , and is bolted to the pressure switch.

D3=vtec pressure switch(one wire from switch going to pin specified , one wire from switch to a ground)

D6=knock sensor(one wire)located on back of engine , right at top of block where it meets head , right dead center of the #1 cylinder


leave the plugs in the ecu , and look at them. left is A , middle is B , right is D. so starting top left of the left plug(A plug) with it still plugged into ecu , looking at back side of plugs where wires enter them. the 4th wire from the left , top row , is A4.

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thanks ever since i found out he did the head swap and didn't change out pistons and the wiring didn't look to pretty either and the fact he didn't do anything with the stock computer so vtec didn't work lol after all the trouble you think he would have had it working

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