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Hey guy and girls, its been a while since I have been really active on this forum. been really busy with school and work...but heres the question:

I have a 93 del sol Si that obviously doesn't have power locks, so how do I go about installing them. I am familiar with removing the door skins etc. I did all of my own stereo installation however this seems like a much bigger task. So talk to me, tell me whats up. Thanks all

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My 95 del sol s has aftermarket door locks on it and what you have to do is get a universal kit with rod style adapters for the locks.

In the kit you use the adapter to attach the actuator on the rod used to lock your doors. then mount the actuator on the door panel on the same side the speakers mount, then wiring them up. mine used some relays and connected to alarm I put in as well.



It is really easy, just time consuming but nothing to bad.

Some kits also include instructions for what to do.


Two thing you gotta look for in the kits, look for a actuator that is easy to move mainly cause like mine I broke the manual door lock switch, you know the one you flip with your hand cause the actuators were so hard to move that it broke the clip and make sure it has a unlock and lock button I have seen a lot of kits without this button which sucks. I know cause I am lazy and can't reach across the car and unlock the door for a friend or when my clips broke I has to turn off the car and manually unlock the door with the key.


if you have anymore questions then let me know.

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They sell remote trunk openers I was looking at one the other day, All it does is clip on to the cable used to open the trunk with a motor/actuator and it turns it like if opened it from the inside.


The problem that I have is when I try to open the trunk from the inside it does not open. I replaced the gas piston on the trunk but I think the latch that opens the trunk is broken. When I pull it, it does nothing, it does not just pop open. The light comes on saying the trunk is open but when I release the release, the light goes out. It is like it does not get that push to pop it open.


I gotta open it with the key or pull the release on the inside and have someone pull up on it from the outside.

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