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Rick can drive awesome!


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I went to San Diego yesterday...for Rick's bday...he drove my car, and let me tell you: Rick can seriously drive very good and he shifts very fast! sharp one!


drove up the curvy roads to Palomar mountain or such...the sky kept getting closer and closer...so many stars...engine was happy :D


reached 5000+ feet...lol almost to mile-high-club altitude...but didn't join the club...lol


Frank and Nancy and all the ones in Cali, sorry, would have told you but it was a last minute thing...maybe we should all plan a day to go out and have a lot of fun!! :D let's take Rick to a hooters and tell them it's his bday :D :D :D :D

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he should be able to drive good and we all know rick is good with a stick.


i got a stick for ya right here f*cker. lol


at the Cali meet with John and Frank, Rick asked the waitress/hostess for her # and she gave her # to him :D


i only did that to show you i could.

i never even got her name. lol

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