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might sell dont know yet want to see what i can get out of it


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ok im thinking of selling my mini me swapped engine its a d15b8 block with a d16 vtec head and cover has disturbuter, atlernator, intake manifold exhust manifold power steering pump the a/c bracket, oil pan, o2 sensor will get pics up when i get everything on it that im selling with everything is in good shape except for the pistons and theres only 1 that might cause trouble it was puhing 120 when i did the compression test on it everything else is in good shape wondering how much i might get out of it ?? you guys have any ideas??


as for now this is what it looks like100_0895.jpg

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build + boost = fun :)



no really, idk what you could get for it, couple hundred maybe, that ring/piston/whatever it is problem kinda hurts your chances, personally id say just try to flip the head, those sell for a decent penny

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