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Driver door lock


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I have a 98 Accord and my anti-theft and alarm system works fine and locks the car. However, when I lock the car when going back home, the driver door lock doesn't go back in while the others do. I'm referring to the manual knob on the inside of the car which looks like a fat pin and is on the door itself. As a result, I have to manually put the knob down first, close the door and then use my keyfob to lock all the other doors and turn on the alarm


Is there a quick fix for this?


Thanks in advance!

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How much do you think a mechanic would charge for labor?

An hour labor. Which could vary greatly depending where you go. But I'd estimate prob $50-$100.


BTW, does the lock go in when you hold the inner door handle and hit the lock switch? If that still works then I wouldn't even bother fixing.

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