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Preston's Del Sol Process Thread


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Well I dont think most of you all know. My del sol is totaled.According to my insurance company. I got 4500 from my insurance company left over after i had to buy my car back from them. After im done im going to have to try and re tag it and re title it. Wish me luck. The worst of all I was on my way to put my springs and cambers on :( Here are the pix of my process so far


My car Before the Wreck :)




The wreck. Damn Camaro :(


Stripped- fenders, hood, bumper.


The new cross memeber and major front end parts.


My new hood- Vis racing oem style Carbon Fiber


I know most of you all hate body kits. But I like a sol with and with out a kit.

I got a lot of work still left. My goal is to have it done by June. I miss driving it. I will Keep this thread updated as possible.

Right now i am waiting for Oem Fenders. Then I have to prefit everything and make sure the hood lines up Right with the fenders. Then i will start to fix the lil rust that was bubbling up. Strip the whole car. Repaint the whole. Also looking at getting new weather stripping for the whole car. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks


-Paint Milano Red W/ Red Flake

-Rear Buddy club Bumer Diffuser Painted Black

-Vis Racing Techno R Front Bumper-Got it

-Vis Racing Techno R Sides Skirts- Got it-Installed

-Vis Racing TSC Rear Bumper- Got it-Installed

-Vis Racing Oem style Carbon Fiber Hood- Got it-Installed

-Oem Style Fenders-Got It-Installed

-Seibon carbon fiber

-Spyder Auto Headlights - Crystal-1pc-Got it-Installed

-New Crystal Aux/Fog Lights- Got It

-Oem Tail Lights New Passenger one

-Paint all new front end parts-DONE!

Engine Wise

-AEM Cold Air Intakes- Powder Coat Red W/ A red flake to match car

-Skunk2 Racing Adjustable Cam Gear (Pro-Series)

-Skunk2 Racing Camshaft (Stage-1, 305-05-0100)

-Nology Spark Plug Wires - Red

-HGK Iridium Spark Plugs

-Stock Fan-Got It- Installed

-OEM Radiator- Got it- Installed

-NRG Engine Damper Kit (Red, EDA-101R)

-Battery Tie Down

-Mugen Oil Caps - Aluminum

-Greddy Radiator Caps Type N (1.3kg/cm2)

-Powdercoat Valve Cover-Black-

-Skunk2 Forged Valves (High Compression, Over-Size +0.5mm: 310-05-2440)

-Skunk2 Tuner Series Valve Springs (311-05-0340)

-Skunk2 Titanium Retainers (308-05-0200)

-dc sport header

-Member set fr- Got it-Installed

-Panel set r. fr-Got it-Installed

-Panel set L.fr-Got it-Installed

-Crossmember set fr-Got it- Installed

-Plate, crossmember- Got it- Installed

-Stay, bh ctr- Got it- Installed


-Roadmagnet Drop springs 2"-Got It-Installed

-Oes Lower Control Arms-Got it- Installed

-Ingalls front and rear Cambers

-DC Strut Bars - Front Upper Sports

-DC Sports Strut Bars - Rear Upper

-Skunk2 Sway Bars

-Skunk2 Arm Bars - Rear Lower Arm Bar (Clear Anodized)

-DC Sports Tie Bars - Rear Lower

-KYB GR-2 Shocks/Struts Set

-Sway Arm Bushings

- 5 speed swap with LSD Tranny

-Re cover seats

-Lay New Carpet

-Kenwood Kvt-717dvd-Installed-Bad ass

-New Wheels Eventually

LIST UPDATED March 10th, 2009


Well thats all i have came up with so far look forward to updating the list later on as i knock some of these out.I would love to see opions made,and suggestions.




Current Picture Of my sol


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Damn dude, think i would have been whoopin someones a*s before the police showed up. "officer, he fell down repeatedly after getting out of his car.."

Good luck getting it titled and registered... keep us informed... and by informed i mean keep uploading pictures.

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well with the laws. From what i was told by my insurance company. I have to take it to State police they have to go over the car to make sure i didnt change the vin numbers and so on. Also have to bring receipts to everything i have bought for my car. Then i got off to dmv to get it re exspected. Yah we will prefit everything and do a so called test shot before we take it back apart to start the painting. As paint comes in mind. I dont know if i want the milano red with the blue flake. or copper red mica, or maybe hrp. I still not sure on my paint ideas.Woopn someone ass would be out of the question she was some freakin hott as blonde model. ha

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she was some freakin hott as blonde model. ha

Well you got her information though...so take advantage of that....:devil:


Do you have any example pics of the paint? I would go with blue with that CF hood.

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:stupid: Yeah, i think i would have at least got a date out of it. :D

a date in court after i whooped her ass. haha i laughed when you said he fell down repeatidly after the accident. hmm hot blonde girl runs a red light...noooo stereotypes arent true.


while other colors can be nice, id keep it red, atleast in some parts because of the engine bay and trunk and all that. unless youre pulling the motor and doing it right

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Well that is the only thing we are not doing. i wish we were going to pull the engine bay because then i may paint it a prowler orange(stock srt4 orange) or something. Well Any nice reds would be nice. If you have any idea. So far i been looking a copper red mica, and harbanero red pear.l

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On December 5th i had a camaro run a redlight and i nailed them.


so far i have done all the work myself.


LMFAO Preston Preston Preston now you know baby jesus dont like ppl who tell stories LOL Y dont you tell the ppl on here the truth about your accident and how the work really is getting done LOL

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dang that stinks. what you paying someone to do it. so far i have done all the work myself.



naa mydad has been doing the work for me for free. just as long as he has nothign else planeed he works on my car.

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naa mydad has been doing the work for me for free. just as long as he has nothign else planeed he works on my car.


thats kewl. my car knowledge, limited as it is, trumps the dads by about 10000x over. i remember asking him when I was about 12 or so if he knew how to work on cars and 'soup them up'. he commented that he takes his car to the shop for an oil change because he didn't know where the dipstick even was.


we are still waiting for the test-fit shot, btw

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