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clutch replacement


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my clutch is getting pretty bad and slipping so im saving up my money to replace it but i have several questions since its my first replacement.


1. OEM or aftermarket clutch?

my car is a 1993 s, it has a SRI and i will be completely replacing my exhaust (header, high flow cat, and cat back system shortly)


2. What else should be replaced when i have this done?

Gears, etc.


3. any other helpful info



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well first of all how much money are you looking at spending? and are you planning on doing anything (building the engine ) or just what you stated? and are you doing it yourself ? oem is probably your best bet


EDIT: check your flywheel teeth for wear too

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It looks like you doing a simple maintenece rebuild of the motor. In that case you might want to check all the Gaskets, Fuel Filter, Water Pump, Oil Pump, Spark Plugs & Wires, and Disrtibutor Cap. You can also do a complete fluid flush on the motor as well. Oil, Coolant, and Brake Fluid. 100% guarentee you'll fell a difference!!

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Good advice for maintenance.^


Depending on your wants, you can get very cheap stock clutches from folks who upgrade from stock with low mileage. I got a stock one on here for like 20 bucks or something and like 10k on it.


If you want aftermarket then you gotta start researching, but I would say if you're going to pay retail then go aftermarket cuz you get more for your money.

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money doesnt matter to a point...i just plan on doing what i stated (no rebuild)...since its only an S im more then likely just going to drive it for a while and then trade up to a Si or vtec model


i really don't plan on doing all my maintence right now that was suggested due to the fact that im paying for college until summer.


any aftermarket recommendations?


edit: maybe a mini me swap will be done with that nice check coming from the government in a couple months...maybe

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