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who is smart enough to answer this question


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i am trying to adjust my tps and when i use my voltometer to measure it out instead of it reading aroung 0.5v it reads about 4.50 and when i slowly open the throttle it drops down to 0.5 shouldnt it be the other way around where at first it reads 0.5 then when its WOT it should read around 4.0-4.5 anyone know whats up

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Honestly I was thinking it was the same way you are thinking. That is weird.

Cause from what I know is the more you step on the throttle the more voltage is applied, so in term when you floor it, the voltage is suppose to be at 100% and in my logic it would be the 5v in stead of the .5vs you got.


Anybody wanna help this man out.

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why are you adjusting it? did you replace it? if so with a TPS off which car? dont start it , youl idle at redline , lol. wiring crosed so polarity is reversed somehow?

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