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96 prelude... cold air?


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i have a 1996 honda prelude 5 speed S. i just got a job and want to start upgrading it. i thought that a cold air intake would be a good start, and ive seen that "short ram"s are alot cheaper than a full cold air intake. whats the difference and which should i get?

also what are some other good ideas for upgrading?




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A big difference will be is where you live. Like it would be hard to have a cold air intake on a Daily Driver where I live is cause I rains and If I hit a puddle with that kinda setup then the water will get in the engine and water lock it. So short ram is for me.

The cold air intake is longer and near the ground where all the cold air is flowing when you are driving. Hence the name.

A short ram is good if you short on space. One disadvantage is that when the air flows through filter is kinda warm from the engine heat mixing with the cold air.


I think Cold air intakes are good to have but like me it would be hard so I stick with Short ram.

If you are unsure then just get a short ram and play it safe.


Anybody wanna add on?

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get a cold air intake. its very hard to hydrolock your motor, you would have to have the filter submerged into a puddle/lake. ive had one on my sol for 4 years and been through some pretty bad rain storms and have had no problems. but if you really are that worried you can also get a bypass valve for it which will absorb any water/moisture that might get up into the tube.

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