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replacing left upper engine mount

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took my car to the shop to have a bunch of stuff taken care of. the guy said that my left uper engine mount looked cracked and should be replaced. he said he would do it for $250 (parts and labor) but i said that it would put me over budget. I looked online and oem replacements were around $40. i'm assuming that by left he means driver side and that mount looks like its pretty out in the open and could be replaced in an afternoon. is it harder than it looks and how long should it take to do with basic home garage tools?

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All you need to do is place a jack with a piece of wood on it under the engine, jack it up so the weight is off of the mount. Then unbolt to mount and put a new one in. Half an hour max.


Easy stuff. I changed so many.

Atleast it is like the 99 accord where the back mount went bad. That bit&* was so hard to replace.

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