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Well, the way I dress fits the "hardcore scene" but I wouldn't say it defines me, or my music taste. My attitude, rather obnoxious and relentless with insults is also kind of stereotypical of hardcore kids.....but i'm only like that to people I don't like....


Lately I've been listening to Suicide Silence, All Shall Perish, At the Throne of Judgement, Job For A Cowboy, and Arsonists Get All the Girls....so i guess i'm always pissed off haha.

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Ummm....I usually keep it on 30, which is XM hitlist (90s and today)


But also Ethel and Lucy for alternative.


Raw and The City for Hip Hop and Urban top 40.


Escape and Visions for new age stuff when I go to sleep or study.


BPM and The System for electronica that I've been listening to more recently.


And sometimes The Joint, which is Jamaican stuff...pretty mellow.



It depends what I'm doing mostly...I listen to upbeat stuff in the car, and mellow stuff at home.

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I listen to a little bit of everything. it all really depends on my mood and whether or not my ghetto cd player is working that day (im serious- its a walkman with a car adapter tape. haha!) if it's not working, its usually on QDR, or the rooster- two of the local country stations. mostly i listen to brit-indie, country, mainstream rock, pop-punk and the occasional bit of euro-dance. you'll only ever really hear me listening to rap or hip-hop if I'm at a club, or getting ready to go out with girlfriends.

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