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for sale here is a friends integra not sure of the year bit has 221000 miles on it with the gsr swap its got a dc header custom intake manifold custom fuel rail skunk 2 complete exhust carbon fiber front racing seats leather back seats carpet is black it is very clean just needs vacumming he has started sanding and primering the car he just put the stock body kit on it. the sunroof works and as far as i know it doesnt leak CD PLAYER NOT INCLUDED after market tail lights diff mirrors tires still have decent tread rims like nice needs a car wash hes selling the car because he has to pay a loan off hes selling the car for $3000 if any1s interested let me know so i can get back to him. if you have any questions pm me






he also has a b20b motor for $700 ill see if i can get pictures of it tomm for those that are interested EDIT b20b sold

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