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H22 Crankshaft?

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I did some research: forged crankshafts are better...now what is it in a Sol?


Thyssenkrupp is a German company, one of the biggest makers, that makes good ones...


I glad you found some good camshafts for me. But I never heard of this company I will have to look them up.

I am assuming that forged crankshafts will last alot longer and hae a better endurence to high stress.


remember it is going into a H22, then into a del sol. That first question confuses me.

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I was just asking if there was better crankshaft then the OEM one that would provide better stroek and anything else.

I was not looking for anything in particular.


Don't they make a stroker kit for the H22?

If so then I might use the F22 crank or like the aftermarket one you were telling me about Iceah.

Since I most likely going NA a stroker kit would be nice.

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stroker kit or you piece it together one by one: pistons, rods...


this but I don't see H22


don't know if it's good and it's expensive too


I would love to have a JUN stroker kit but I don't see the H22 either.

That stroker kit for H22 was nice but mega expensive. and I don't know what compression it is.

I trying for maybe 13:1 maybe lower.

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I just gotta find a crankshaft like the one in that kit. The pistons and such are going be no problem.


I also the kind of connecting rod I want. Any you want to recommend?


You are really helping on this build I will give you credit for it okay lina?

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Yeah but you are helping me pick out all my parts. You are taking a quarter of the work out for me.

One quarter is actually getting the parts, another is putting together, and the last is getting it running right.


I was going to get some eagle rods but I didn't know if there a particluar design I want for the rods like a I beam or whatever.

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