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91 civic hb


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I just recently bought a 91 civic hb with 1.5. i am looking for something for a little more balls. but not sure what to buy. friends tell me b16 and others say b18.


Wanted to know what you guys would perfer and why.

do you recommend complete swaps from passwordjdm?


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Man, there are literally thousands of threads concerning the pros and cons of different motor swaps for civics.

Of course it depends on how fast you wanna go and how much $$$ you wanna spend.

If your just looking for opinions, I say B18c is a good middle-of-the-road swap. It's a good bit easier than the h22, but not quite as powerful. I like b20's too.

If you want cheap, b18b or even d16z6. Less power, but less money too. It's a trade-off.

If you got money out the wazoo, K-series is the shiznizzle.

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wells the b16 has more torque thens the b18c but the b18c has more top end power, or else u can just go ls-vtec or cr-vtec..it all gots power and go, some just has more then others


Uh, no.


You have that WAAAAAAY WRONG.


A b16 makes about as much torque as a bolt on d-series motor.

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funny man.....

Why don't you like the k?


it's not that i dont like them its just that they are on the top of the food chain if you know wat i mean and when i get some more experience with the kseries maybe ill try to swap one in the future

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