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strut bar

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Why bother then?

because we always want more


Jordan, do you have the same setup I'm putting on?

Eibach anti roll bar kit and Eibach pro street s coilovers?

i have eibach sportlines with tokico shocks and a suspension techniques anti sway kit

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he said he can do $40 shipped, but it doesnt have the bolts. are they a special kind or can i just get them at a hardware store?


It's Honda OEM, right? Go to Honda and get the right bolt. As we all know, you go to the hardware store and the bolts will either be electroplated with zince, anodized with aluminium, or bare metal. Go to Honda and they will be more expensive since they will be cadmium plated (so choice! -F.B.).

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yay finally home so i can put this on and drive the sol. should have pics up sooner than solless, so whenever i get highspeed. (this took 9 minutes to open this thread)


still have to go to the hardware store to get some bolts, do i need to pull back the inner fender plastic and get a nut on the bottom side, or is it just a bolt straight from the top. thanks fags :)

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yeah there needs to be a nut on it because the holes are not threaded. also i came into a nice little problem because the strut bar hits the top of my shock towers. so i can do a few things. i can add 3-4 washers underneath the strut bar, or drill away half a dime sized hole on the flat part of the strut bar in order for it to clear.


the thing about the washers is it makes the connecting points of the strut bar only where the washer are, instead of the whole flat part.


and if i drill into it, im not sure how that will affect the bar itself.


what does i do?

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yeah i called my brother whos working on million dollar race vipers right now and he said just drill it out too. yay


and cmgogo you lose 1 azzhole point for helping :)

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