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chili-cheese goodness or tacos galore?


Which fast food joint is mucho bad ass!  

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  1. 1. May the best on win!

    • Wienerschnitzel
    • Taco Bell

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Funny you say that because Taco Bell is just about the only fast food place my vegan friend can eat at.

We eat there all the time because of this specific reason.


I don't like that there is pig lard in the re-fried beans. I get a better variety at our local indian joint. I rather eat from local businesses before corporate big box franchisey america anyways.


Edit: and I like my rice fresh. When you take out the meat and cheese, you can taste how old the rice is, easily.

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Taco Bell is bleh ...especially when I can go down the street and get some real tacos from King Taco, Tacos Mexico, Alberto's, El Unico, or Chano's.


So I picked the wiener dude cause I love me some Western Bacon Dogs...actually they just got rid of those a couple months back. Made me sad...


I figure Taco Bell would win the poll since Wienerschnitzel isn't exactly a national chain.

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r u serious dude!? is it like a west coast thing? cause they're all over cali and the quite a few here in az.


i started this poll cause me and my buddy were arguing over which is better. i chose weiner cause, imo, nothing beats the heartburn combo! that what i like to call 2 chili cheese dogs, 1 chili cheese burger, 1 chili cheese fry, 1 pastrami dog, 1 kraut dog, and a large coke! the sad part is i can eat it all in one sitting. and on top of that im only 6'5" and 165lbs! hahaha! it suprises me and everyone in the restaurant when i eat it! its a miricle i havent dies of a heart attack

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Yea, he's adopted Hinduism. That's why he's vegan.


I decided to be vegan because I want to live. Blood test showed I had high BP, LDL-c, Triglyc, Total-c, etc. I have lost 90lbs (and brought all my blood stats to norm) since becoming vegan.


And they wanted me to take a pill to do the same thing, HA!


I vote neither...junk food ftl!


Absolutely! I tell my kids all the time, "If the food was good, they wouldn't need commercials to convince people it tastes good. You don't see commercials for rice, vegetables, fish, or chicken? Right?" Once they have that in their head and they get older, I will point out that there are commercials for beef, hmm, what does that tell you?


We've gone to a few Indian restaurants before. good stuff.


Hooray for Punjabi Choley! I keep a good 10lbs of Basmati in the pantry all the time. I have somehow gotten this cool status from some of our IT people, I am an oddity to them since they don't meet that many men that can cook indian well (they know from our pot-luck lunches when I bring dishes I make), especially a non-indian fellow such as myself.

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James, great!! :D


but just one thing: how do you get vitamin B12 if you don't eat meat? pills?


I have always taken a multivitamin in one form or another. Sometimes I do eat a Flintstones, or I just squirt a shot of liquid multivitamin into my soy protein shake after a workout.


It is better than the Vytorin they wanted me to take for the forseeable future; that Vytorin isn't good for your kidneys (and that is according to their own studies).

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