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airbag/seat belt light


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Any ideas?


If by airbag light you mean the SRS Indicator Lamp, then it could be a pump issue or a sensor issue. Since you did not mention any unusual noise from the engine bay, I will assume it is sensor related. Although you could have just forgotten to mention this. The seatbelt light is primarily driven by a switch in your lapbelt buckle, but there may be some generational upgrades I am unfamiliar with.


How much for a fix? Thanks


Depends on what the problem is.


I found a dealer that will "diagnose" it for $40.


I say pay the $40.00 so you can stop feeling around in the dark looking for a solution. By the way, $40.00 isn't that bad.

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SRS light by the way is anything with the supplemental restraint system. This is not always the airbags, it can also be related to your seatbelt (for instance if the switch goes bad). I had the same issue one time and it turned out it was my switch, and any work pertaining to your seatbelts is always under warranty by the manufacturer.

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