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Looking into a new ride


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So im looking into buying a 1979 chevy k10 4x4. The guy wants $1800. it needs syncros for 2nd, and some small fixes here and there..I figure i can probably get it for less than $1500. Gonna try and go look at it today. I'll keep everyone posted on weather or not i get it.

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yeah i had planned on it. but honestly, if it doesnt appear to burn/leak oil, and runs smooth, ill probably offer him liek $1300 and see what he says. Im assuming the body is going to need some work, being almost 30 years old..

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Yeah, id rather have a k5 personally, but people either want way to much for them, or they are in need of a complete resto.

It would be hard to run over ya if i cant catch ya...lol

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