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o.O Must know another Ben.





FBP, NBP or Bayside Blue Pearl. Maybe grand prix white lol. PPG Bright white is teh bomb too.


Ah, decisions.

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i'd paint it black like the one you have. that way you take your current car to the track one weekend and race bunch of people. then the following weekend you bring the H22 built sol and say hey remember me. i'll race ya for a dollar. lol

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Yeah that was my old del sol that is STI Blue. That's the color I'd go for. It's the sexiest blue in my opinion....if not one of the sexiest colors period. My other choice for a del sol would be the charcoal grey from an STI (not the silver). Other than that there is a cool electric green that comes on Jeeps that would be really neat. It kinda looks like a pumped up samba green.

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i'm thinking of doing my car back to stock body paint it that STI blue with a carbon fiber or SiR lip, rear spoiler and maybe a carbon fiber OEM hood. If i do get the hood i don't know if i want to leave it black or paint match it.

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