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Getting a Del Sol Shell


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Lucky me, I posted a WTB ad in craigslist and this kid wants to sell me a 94 del sol si that has been sanded down and ready to be painted, It has lowering springs and I think a body kit, If it does then I will look for all the OEM body pieces. No motor which saves me the work of pulling one out. It was a 5-speed when it did have a tranny.


My h22 is going in there, He wants 500 for it, You think that is a good offer and he has no pics of it which makes it even better.

Probally going to update my build thread when I get it. If i do.


So two things,

Does anybody have the OEM body pieces for the del sol 93-95?

Did the 94 si's have power door locks? I knew the 95 did but not the 94?

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good find if it looks good pick it up.


for all your honda OEM needs http://www.hondaautomotiveparts.com/

i can conpletely dekit my civic for about $550 and thats with shipping if i remember correctly




Edit: yours is a little more its about $796 shipped. But like me all you would need after that are the screws, nuts and bolts.


Edit-to-Edit: if i bought mine from them for the fron/rear bumpers, both front/rear/ foam absorber with gussets, left/right side skirts and all the misc. nuts, bolts and clips would be $709 shipped

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okay thanks man I will keep you guys updated.


Do you know if the 94 si's came with power door locks?


i thnk it had the option but whether or not the car actually has them you'll have to see.

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oh yea thats right just went back to check on ur build but yea it's looking good bro and like hatch92 said in 94 del sol's it came option so it may have power doors or it may not ask him to tell you, but thing again if they aint power it's a little lighter

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