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Worth while trade?


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So i am just looking for some feedback. I amd thinking about trading my 1995 civic coupe ex with an H22A swap for a 1997 civic hatchback with some nice jdm goodies.


My Car:

1995 EX coupe with, JDM H22A motor swap, rebuilt 20k ago, kaizen speed balance shaft eliminator kit, mugen lip kit, tokico struts, skunk 2 springs, 2.25 inch exhaust with OBXR muffler, AEM intake, JDM fog lights in bumper, Field VTEC controller, strut tower braces. Bad points on my car are some rust on the passenger side rear quarter and some rust on the drivers side quarter panel but nothing terrible. the hood is pretty dented up and the windsheild is cracked. body has 150k on it and the motor has 20k since it was rebuilt and installed. motor runs great and pulls like a freight train.


His Car:

1997 civic hatch dx

Runs great, veary dependable.

Gauge cluster was changed so i dont know the actual mileage.

Flat tan paint with flat black roof, trunk, and hood.

5 speed of course.

Pretty quick for a single cam, with room for improvement.



Freshly rebuilt D16z6, Stage 2 comp cam, DOHC zc pistons (over 12:1 compression), adjustable cam gear, aem intake, act stage 2 clutch, obd-1 conversion, crome tuned p28 ecu, obx header, custom 2 1/2 inch exhaust (magnaflow muffler),

kyb agx struts, coil overs (dont know what kind), Brand new ctr lip, Brand new black housing headlights, HID's, Sir rear bumper, Type-R rear lip, spoon style c-fiber spoiler, spoon mirrors, Remote power locks, Aluminium rear control arms, rear disc brake conversion, c-pillar bar, ex gauges, spoon shifter boot.


I am just looking to get rid of my h22 civic because it has gotten me into some trouble with speeding so i am looking to ride clean instead of fast. So I am just looking for opinions. thanks

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great feedback... deep down I really don't want to get rid of my car. I bought it stock and did EVERYTHING myself and when I say myself I mean by myself. I have always wanted an h22 civic even after owning several LS civics and a built LS/VTEC crx, I have dreamed about the big block honda motor in a civic ex. I finally got it and had a little too much fun. Which has got me hefty fines and even some jailtime. But I have always wanted an ek hatch so i thought maybe this would be the right direction for me to go. The hatch is already modified, so it will be even more temptation for me to make that car go faster. lol especially after having some quick hondas. I have been trying to sell my car for some time and no luck with any cash offers, just trades. If i was able to sell my car I was thinking about using the money for a down payment on a 2000/2001 prelude SH with the factory lipkit. another honda dream of mine.

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