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small problem


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ok we been trying for hours to get offf teh pully for the alternator...the one werew the case for the timing belt is.....how do we get it off? weve tred long wrnches and a air gun still no budge =(

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Timing belt pulley, alternator pulley, which are you talking about.


Take a deep breath and try again.


Are you speaking of the crankcase pulley, the pulley that is physically attached to the alternator, or possibly a third pulley (this is called a tension pulley, but may not be on your motor).

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the big pully on the bottom connceted to the timing belt cover...one of the belts get connected to the alternator..need to change my timing belt....okkk changed the water pump and still no pressure and nothing on the bottom radiator hose..soo imm a go out and buy a new radiator and if thats not the problem then idk wat the hell is wrong lol

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the big pully on the bottom connceted to the timing belt cover...


This is probably besides the point, but to remove the crankcase pulley, you need:


1) pulley holder

2) 1/2" drive breaker bar to hold the pulley holder (36" in length)

3) 3/4" drive breaker bar to turn the pulley bolt (36" in length)

4) 19mm socket for the pulley bolt

5) 24" of 3/4" driver extension

6) scissor jack (OEM Honda Equipement from your trunk)


Once you have all this equipment set up, it will take a minimum of pressure to loosen the crankcase pulley bolt. I loosened mine by barely stepping on the breaker bar. The bolt must be re-tightened to 185 ft-lbs, and should NOT be done with an impact driver (per Honda service manual instruction).


I say it might be besides the point since it sounds like you have some other stuff going on there.





pulley holder -$99 online

36" long, 1/2" drive, breaker bar -$40 at NAPA

36" long, 3/4" drive, breaker bar -$90 at NAPA

19mm Craftsman socket -$7 at Sears

24" of 3/4" driver extension -$80 at NAPA

Honda jack -Free with car


Knowing I can remove my crankcase pulley any time I want (without causing any damage) -Priceless

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ok got every thing off changed timing belt ...ok i changed the radiator and it still the same.... the bottom pipe is still cld and the top is a lil hot and were the thermastat sits is were it gets hot but doesent go past there now ive chnged the thermastat 3 times..no way i could get 3 baad ones....sooo nideas?

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