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im so bored!!


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anyone on AIM at the moment?

talk to me!! I'm super bored while chris is playing final fantasy (dont ask which one, i dont know.)



and for your viewing pleasure..i give you a super cute kitty cat.


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okay. I'll see what i can do. my dad builds & repairs computers as a side job/hobby so I'm going to make him have a look at it again pretty soon. I think a lot of the problem is vista. I hate vista with a passion!! lol.


memphis is doing pretty good- he's getting so big now! he's still a bit ill (he had some parasites when we got him) but he's definitely on the mend & sleeping through the night most of the time now. i think we've almost got the hang of house training too! I'm so proud of him- lol. it means no more messes for me to have to clean up! Cailean's become quite fond of him too- they're almost always together, or playing together now. I think Cailean's missed the company- hes always been used to having another animal to play with and while we had rebel they had to be separated so he became pretty sad and not really interested in anything. I dunno if I already posted these but here ya go again if i did.





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i dont really work. i work for avon which is a work at home situation. its gonna suck when i finally find a real job though. actually, it probably wont if i manage to find one doing what im good at- which is taking care of horses & thats not really all that difficult after so many years of doing it.

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yeah... never been the manager though one day i want to own a riding school. im usually just the stable hand & general slave, but I enjoy it. it gives me a chance to do what i love and be around some of my favourite animals. plus it keeps me in shape & keeps me busy. there's always something that needs doing when it comes to barns & horses. it also lets me play with power tools and high voltage wires i wouldn't get to use otherwise. lol.

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