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motor swap

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ok ill b starting with in a week or so....idk wat to do though.ii can buy a ls vtec off a friend for 100$ but i think i wanna go turbo...so u think a ls would b my best way to go? because i juss re did the head and every thing on the d15 so imma sell it soon.....but hope this isnt too much to ask but imma need exact parts list of wat im gonna need..because a friends step dads gonna do it for me.....he has his own lil shop...so if ne one could help if i get the ls wat am i gonna need to do to get it turbo ready and mounts ,ect .. ok thxs for the help

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1+ with kegger

Covered everything but get it tune like he said, That is the one thing people over look and mess up.

Could he tunr it if he had the hondata tune tools or something similar? just curious cause still new to the whole ecu tune idea.

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Mounts for B18 into an EF

B16 cable tranny

timing belt

water pump

oil pump



TUNE, can't stress that part enough. Get a good tune from a reputable shop.

same im kinda knew...wats a IM and EM ...and get all the parts for an ls right?,,,and wat should i do to make it turbo ready

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