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I just bought a 91 4 door Accord EX 5 spd from some dude on craigslist.


bought to resell.


needs head gasket, runs on 2 cylinders, bad battery, heater hose was leaking, some scratches on the bumper and the automatic door unlock doesnt work..


will have pics tomorrow. I left it there, It's too annoying to drive.


this is my fun, I buy cars and sell them.




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could have made 4000 dollars today.


if i had enough cash on me.


went to an atlanta auto auction this morning, 03 navigator sold for 4000, 01 volvo S80 sold for 4500, 00 cadillac STS for 3200



i had 2000 cash.. no cars were any good for that much

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the same guy i bought this car from has another 93 with 159k miles automatic with very small amount of body damage.. and needs motor mount and front drivers side lower control arm.



150 dollar fix... 600 dollar car?


who thinks this is a good deal?

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1200 dollars pocketed.


applying for dealers license soon.


all we do is bill of sales and blank titles.









those are the for sale pics.


i changed the head gasket, VC gasket, and intake and exhaust manifold gaskets and replaced the heater hose today.



runs like a 1900 dollar car should.

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I thought about buyin cars at auctions and reselling them.. but honestly... i would rather do it with houses. a lot more money to be made. i plan on flipping realestate as soon as the housing market takes an upward turn..so in like 3 years..lol

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