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Electrical Problem Integra 99


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I have a problem with the electrics of my 99 Honda Integra.




1. Clock Dims and Flashes when break is applied

2. When keys removed and the breaks are applied, I hear a short burst of sound for about 2 seconds. This shouldn't happen because that speaker is designed to let me know if the door is left open with the keys in.


What Ive done


1. I removed my Amp to see if it was the battery that was the problem, but these problems still exist and are just as frequent. (Removing the battery as a reason for the fault).


2. One of my break lights blew, so I replaced that bulb and the problem still persisted. I went out and brought another one just so I knew that both lamps were the same ratings. I compared the ratings on the new bulbs to the old factory ones and they're a match. Removing the bulb rating as a cause of fault.


My Ideas


1. Possibly lighting relays malfunctioning/short circuiting?

2. Intermitant connection somewhere within the internal circuitry of the car?

3. Something to do with wiring?



Some professional advice would be appreciated...My brains frying trying to figure it out. If any body can find some lighting schematics for this particular model of integra that'd be awesome. Cant seem to find them anywhere online and i'd rather not have to fork out $80 + an hour to take it to an auto electrician.



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