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question on shifter linkage


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So I go out and try to start up the car. The wierd thing was it was not letting me shift out of reverse. It basically felt stuck. I tried and i mean pretty dang hard and I got it out of reverse. It has nto done this again today, I was wondering maybe if it was just that I was parked and it was locked up. I also live in wisconsin so I think maybe snow might have been in the shifter linkage, which probably what it was. I might just be freakin out, haha just let me know because i would think that is like sychronizers? Tahnks guys.

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At least your car does not have a 5th gear lock like my sol,

I will put it in 5th and most of the time when I done shift it will lock it self in 5th and it won't come out. I gotta yank on it or hit the cluth a couple times to come out. If I am stopped and put it in 5th by accident or forgot to downshift, I gotta get the car rolling by reving really high in 5th ( I know bad for the clutch) or stall the car and it will release, if something is broken please tell me so I can get it fixed.

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